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Single-page website

Distinctive feature: consists of only 1 page, usually contains a commercial offer and a brief contact information.

Benefits: minimum cost of your offer appearance on the Internet market

Suitable for you if you offer a one-time service, promo, if you are engaged in wholesale of technically simple products of the same type.


Business card website

Distinctive feature: business card website consists of several pages (5-10), usually contains basic information about your company, goods and services provided by your company, price list and other contact information.

Benefits: brevity of information and easy development of a business card website allow you to present effectively a product or a service

Suitable for you if you do not need constant updating of large amounts of information on the network.


Corporate website

Distinctive feature: an additional opportunity to a business card website features, i.e. to add regularly updated information to the corporate site, such as news, information about promotions, novelties among the offered goods and services.

Benefits: having all the advantages of a business card website, a corporate website allows you to bring quickly to the customers’ attention an important and often changing information.

Suitable for you if it is necessary to develop an additional information resource for a group of any goods or services.


Electronic Catalogue

Distinctive feature: The main functional task of the electronic catalogue is to provide information about the offered goods and services with their full and detailed description to the Client.

Benefits: You save the time of your client, allowing him to familiarize himself with the range of products provided by the company, to find and select the right product basing on the main characteristics, to compare the selected goods with each other.

Suitable for you if you are a company of any industry or sphere of business with a large range of different goods.


Online store

A distinctive feature of an online store from a corporate website and from an electronic catalogue of products consists in the possibility of ordering the products by the customer via the electronic “order basket”, i.e. the client forms his own order.

Benefits: it has all the advantages of the electronic catalogue, but a manager processing of the order takes less time, because the client forms his order independently, which means that the manager can process more orders. It allows participating in ratings and catalogues that allow only Internet shops, which allows attracting new customers.

Suitable for you if a "bottleneck" of your business is the system of order receiving and its processing. You do not have an office where the Customer can see all the products offered by your company.