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Tasting is a term used in cooking to describe an action aimed at attentively assessing the flavor and aromatic characteristics of a food product, including beverages. Tasting is used not only to obtain data on consumer characteristics of products, the process can be considered as a way to gain knowledge about the sensations and the system of people's tastes.

First of all, tasting is a process or a carefully planned event that is subject to certain rules. Depending on the type of tasting, these or those products are used. The following kinds of tasting:

- tasting of wine and other alcoholic beverages, for example beer, cognac, whiskey and so on;

- tasting of food products, the most common are tasting of cheese, meat and sausages, as well as confectionery;

- tasting of non-alcoholic drinks.

Currently, many food manufacturers use tasting as an effective advertising tool. During the tasting, people can absolutely freely try a new product, as well as express their opinion about it to the manufacturer. This allows you to collect data on consumer's opinion about the product.