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Presentation is a submission of the most compressed information. In the form of business communications, it is accompanied with a materialized form - the form of a product launch, that is, a finished product that will soon be released to the masses.

In business, a lot of emphasis are placed on the emotional submission of information. The role is played not only by the characteristics of your new product, but also by the way you tell about its advantages, how you can prove the consumer that these advantages are necessary to him and that they are much better than the competitor’s.

You need:

- to separate the new product from competitors' analogues;

- briefly and concisely describe the strengths of a new product;

- to convince the consumer to choose your product.

The presentation on launching a new product should include three phases:

- Description of advantages;

- Ability to try and evaluate;

- Purchasing.

At this event, a detailed description of the product in the “benefit language” should be provided. This is quite difficult, because someone primarily interested in the quality of a new product, someone in prestige, someone in ease of use. However, having shown “pluses” of the goods for everyone, success is assured.