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Leaflet distribution is an effective action, which is carried out to attract the target audience through the distribution of promotional materials. A special people called leafleters are needed for this work. A leafleter is engaged in distribution of advertising production (leaflets, flyers, brochures).

The main purpose of such a promotion is to inform people about the actual marketing events of your company: the opening of a new store, profitable discounts and promotions. Thanks to this work, the number of people is growing, new traffic is being attracted and sales are being increased. Especially effective is the distribution of leaflets carried out near a retail outlet (preferably in walking distance).

The effectiveness of outreach and conversion of the flow to buyers depends on three factors:

- Stream of people density - the number of people in a certain period of time in the territory of promotion. If there are many people, then the action will be useless - the leaflet will simply not be noticed. At the same time, the stream can be brisk, but not dense: then the action will be successful.

- Location: in shopping centers people take leaflets more willingly than on the street.

- Behavior and appearance of a leafleter, his desire and ability to submit information.