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Large-format printing is used as a graphic design, both indoors (banners, posters, broad sheets), and outside (outdoor advertising, signs).

Large format printing allows you to make several types of printing:

- Interior printing is used to decorate exhibition displays, sales points, company offices, as well as your own apartment.

- Solvent large format printing is used for decorating exhibitions, making decorations, outdoor advertising and for sales points design. Durability and stability of solvent printing is guaranteed by a paint that penetrates deep into a structure of a printed material. This paint has a number of characteristics required for outdoor advertising - it does not burn out, it does not blur, it is resistant to climatic conditions.

Plotter cutting is an image cutting on a self-adhesive film with the help of special equipment - plotters. Such cut images are widely used in outdoor advertising: street signs, kiosks, shop windows, car decoration and so on - it all depends on your imagination.